Canberra Segway ban lifted

Segways by Lake Burley Griffin
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Segways can now be officially used around Canberra’s Lake Burley Griffin and other tourist attractions after ACT Attorney-General Simon Corbell lifted a ban on them and granted a permanent exemption to operators. It is still, however, illegal to use the two-wheeled electric transporters in public places and on roads throughout Australia.

“Segways are not the same as a motor vehicle, they don’t match the speeds of a motor vehicle. But they can create other conflicts with other road users. Particularly cyclists and other pedestrians as well as motorists,” he said. “So for that reason we have decided that Segways can only continue to be used on cycle paths and other pedestrian areas around Lake Burley Griffin.

Mr Corbell says the use of the Segways is also subject to training, safety equipment and speed limits requirements. “The Segways won’t be able to be used on roads and there will need to be a requirement for training of people who use them prior to using them”.

Owner of hire company Seg Glide Ride, Charlie Orr, has praised the decision and says he can now look to the future. “Everyone loves it. It’s just a unique way to see the beautiful precinct around the parliamentary zone for Canberrans, interstate and overseas visitors,” he said. “In general the public support’s been fantastic.”

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