Questacon, Memorial and Canberra on new Monopoly board

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Questacon, the Australian War Memorial and Canberra all feature on the new Monopoly Australia board.

More than 35,000 Monopoly fans voted last November for their favourite locations and attractions to appear on the ever popular Hasbro Australia board game.

Canberra placed fourth in the public vote and sits alongside the two attractions in the red section of the board normally reserved for Fleet Street, The Strand and Trafalgar Square on the original board.

AWM Director Brendan Nelson said the inclusion was recognition of the significant Australian landmark’s connection to all Australians.

“Monopoly is a household name. The Australian War Memorial is an iconic institution in itself, one with a serious and dedicated purpose. It is pleasing that there is clear recognition of the significance of the Memorial, and that it has been chosen to feature on the new Monopoly Australia board,” said Dr Nelson.

“It is hard to understand Australia and Australians until you visit the Australian War Memorial and feel a connection to the stories told here,” said Dr Nelson.

Questacon’s Deputy Director Kate Driver was equally thrilled to see the Australian Tourist Award winning attraction represented.

“It was an honour to pass GO on the much-loved board game,” Ms Driver said.

“Generations of families have learned and bonded over hotly contested rounds of Monopoly over the years and board games are a great way to introduce science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) concepts. Monopoly introduces ideas such as statistics, currency, and depending on house rules, the power of compounding interest.”

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