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VisitCanberra partners with Expedia Group

VisitCanberra and Expedia Group will partner across the next 6 months with multiple bursts of activity to encourage travel to the Territory from key domestic markets. Activity will leverage VisitCanberra’s new destination marketing platform, more…

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VisitCanberra partners with airlines to drive travel to the Territory

VisitCanberra is currently in market with four partnership campaigns encouraging travellers from Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania to book now and discover more than they expect in Canberra. All campaigns are using VisitCanberra’s new…

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Applications open for the Tourism Cooperative Marketing Fund

Applications are open for the Tourism Cooperative Marketing Fund (TCMF).

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Sydney Melbourne Touring opportunity

Sydney Melbourne Touring is a marketing and trade program which promotes two self-drive routes (the Heritage Drive and Coastal Drive) and listed products to a number of international markets: UK, Europe, South East Asia, North…

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VisitCanberra partners with Expedia Group and Concrete Playground

Long-term partnerships based on extensive consumer research will form the core of Canberra’s destination marketing activities over the next 12 months.

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Canberra and Telegraph UK

VisitCanberra and Singapore Airlines recently collaborated with Tourism Australia on its ‘There’s nothing like Australia’ content partnership with the Telegraph UK.

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Partnerships to form the basis of VisitCanberra’s destination marketing

Long-term partnerships will form the core of destination marketing activities in 2019/20 through Masterbrand, VisitCanberra’s new always-on strategy.

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Floriade accommodation partner EOI

Floriade  is seeking to appoint an exclusive accommodation provider.

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Canberra cultural trio to be promoted internationally

The product offerings of three Canberra cultural attractions involved in a new industry-led collective known as the Cultural Attractions of Australia were launched at Australian Tourism Exchange in Perth this week.

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Tigerair ‘Go Like a Local’ Canberra campaign set to launch

VisitCanberra has partnered with Tigerair Australia to increase awareness and consideration of Canberra as a leisure destination. The cooperative marketing campaign will commence on April 1 with a two-week intensive burst in the Brisbane and…

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