Destination Canberra Conference presentations


Converting the appetite for Australia’s tourism offering
Presenter: John O’Sullivan, Tourism Australia

As Australian tourism nears its Tourism 2020 goals, Tourism Australia Managing Director John O’Sullivan will share the latest information on the industry’s performance and future opportunities. Find out what is driving consumer demand in key international markets as John shares insights from Tourism Australia’s Consumer Demand Project research to assist tourism businesses in tailoring their offering to attract more high-yielding travellers. He will also share innovative strategies for converting the appetite for Australia to increase visitation, and overcoming some of the challenges of an increasing cluttered and competitive global travel market.

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Building on the momentum: One Good Thing After Another in 2017/18
Presenters: Douglas Nicol, The Works & Katherine Fraser, VisitCanberra

In 2016 an exciting new long term destination marketing brand platform was launched for Canberra. In this session, The Works’ Creative Partner and Director, Douglas Nicol, and VisitCanberra Group Marketing Manager, Katherine Fraser, will brief the industry on achievements to date and the plan for the next 12 months.

Included in the session will be brand tracking insights, advertising and content activity, industry involvement, social media insights as well as information on VisitCanberra’s ever evolving digital assets including the website and App.

The session is essential for anyone involved in the tourism and hospitality industry in the Canberra region, and will demonstrate how the platform can support your business and hopefully inspire you with your own marketing plans.

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Let’s get stuck in now!
Presenter: Louise Withers, Louise Withers and Associates

Now more than ever before, local tourism has the opportunity to flourish. If we look at the reasons, emotions and world trends in travel we can see why. So what is the recipe for success? Louise Withers, Director of Louise Withers and Associates, says it’s about having an identifiable image or character, major events and/or unique experiences. These are not new concepts, but they are a reason to act now – to take advantage of the environment of potential and the chance to truly drive new visitation to Canberra with a heart-warming economic benefit for all.

Marketing the Tigerair Way
Presenter: Adam Rowe, Tigerair Australia 

Commercial Director Adam Rowe’s presentation will cover the history of Tigerair since the acquisition by Virgin Australia, with a particular focus on the large scale shift of commercial and customer-facing systems and how this has translated into marketing. With a youthful demographic and a lean cost base, Adam will discuss how Tigerair focus on digital marketing in order to track and analyse every dollar for effectiveness. Marketing strategy and tactics in a low cost carrier framework will also be covered, from the success of market launches like Canberra-Melbourne to new ancillary products and a snapshot of what’s next for Tigerair.

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Outdoors & Nature Based Tourism
Presenter: Sally Barnes, Parks Australia

Sally Barnes, Director of National Parks at Parks Australia, will talk about some of Australia’s most-loved – and most iconic – natural attractions. Currently responsible for managing a range of National Parks – including Uluru-Kata Tjuta, Kakadu, Booderee and Christmas Island, as well as the Commonwealth Marine Reserves – Sally will reflect on the importance of connecting with nature, the privilege of working with Traditional Owners on jointly-managed parks, and the steps Parks Australia is taking to increase awareness and interest of our world-famous landmarks.

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Technology and Innovation: what, why and how
Presenters: Sam Sterling & Erik Hallander, Isobar

In the past 15 years, 52% of Fortune 500 companies have disappeared. Between 1955 and today, the average ‘life expectancy’ of a company has dropped from 75 years to just 15. At the same time, the world has more self-made billionaires than at any time in history, both in terms of hard numbers and as an overall percentage of wealth.

Disruption is without a doubt the buzzword dujour.

In this session Executive Strategy Director Sam Sterling and Regional Mobile & Innovation Director Erik Hallander will explore four macro trends which are currently emerging and will very soon be commonplace. You'll see examples of them in play and hear how they see these evolving and shaping our world – both socially and commercially.

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Stepping it up – turning your region into the destination of choice
Presenters: Carl Solomon & Charlotte Prouse, Destination Marketing Store

Strengthening partnerships and collaboration can make all the difference between a region that is seen as a collection of products or the perception of a vibrant destination in itself. The Canberra region has much to offer. However, with the right strategy, the region can lift its performance, achieve greater cut-through in the market place and deliver a better outcome for the visitor economy. This means working beyond the silo of tourism and connecting various sectors to create truly outstanding visitor experiences that bring your destination’s point of difference to life.

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Wellington: the past, present and future of the ‘coolest little capital’
Presenter: David Perks, Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA)

Twenty five years ago, battling an (underserved!) reputation as a boring, bureaucratic city, New Zealand’s capital launched the ‘Absolutely Positively Wellington’ slogan. It was the start of a journey that would see Wellington named ‘the world’s coolest little capital’ by Lonely Planet in 2011, upgraded to ‘the Coolest Little City in the World’ by none other than Vogue in 2015. How Wellington transformed itself from a place ‘best seen in the rear view mirror’, to New Zealanders’ favourite weekend destination is about more than marketing – it’s also about civic investment, and harnessing the power of local pride. As destination marketing evolves from pure visitor attraction, to a fundamental component of regional economic development, Wellington is now building on tourism success. Attracting quality talent, business and investment, Wellington’s reputation positioning is fuelling a high-tech, high-value economy that’s positioning the region as one of the most exciting ‘challenger destinations’ in the world. In 2016 Huffington Post Australia called Canberra’s newest Sister City Wellington ‘the little city that could – and did’. Chris Whelan, Chief Executive of WREDA, will talk about how.

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Making an impact with content marketing & social media
Presenter: Todd Wheatland, King Content

In this session, attendees will be immersed in the fast-changing world of digital publishing. Separating hype from reality, Todd Wheatland, Global Head of Strategy, King Content, will take you from theory and case studies through to practical tips and techniques that you can implement in your own business.

The session will cover an introduction to content marketing and social media, including industry case studies and evolving trends from curation to user-generated content.

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Developing your content marketing strategy and measuring its success
Presenter: Todd Wheatland, King Content

In this deep-dive, Todd Wheatland, Global Head of Strategy, King Content, will guide you through a structured approach for developing a content marketing and social media strategy, as well as the measures you should really be focusing on for success.

Learn a simple framework for developing your strategy and what – and how – to measure results that make a business impact.

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Innovation – it’s not just an app
Presenter: Ali Uren, Kiikstart

This session led by Ali Uren, Director, Kiikstart, will provide you with the opportunity to gain new perspectives so you are making smarter, more creative use of space and people as you move to introduce even more IT to the user’s experience.

While tourism will continue to see advancements in IT there are still enormous changes, growth and advancements that can be made on terms of the style and manner in which a tourism or product or service is delivered to a market. Spend time as part of this session discovering how to cost effectively build a really innovative, hands on memorable experience for the guest and your brand that is not 100% reliant on apps and IT but uses it as a means to create measurable, innovative points of difference. The session will even go back to the beginning of understanding really what is innovation, why do it and how do you even begin to make it a reality for your business?

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Achieving financial sustainability through cultural tourism
Presenter: Simon Spellicy, Sandwalk Partners

Learn about the commercial engagement strategies Sandwalk develop for cultural institutions to help them create sustainable revenues; including from new local, domestic and international audiences, by developing commissionable products for the tourism sector.

The focus of the discussion will be on developing market ready, commercial visitor experiences that are aligned and integrated with your core cultural purpose. A key facet is curation of existing assets to create new and value adding experiences and developing cooperative, strategic partnerships with other institutions, content providers and commercial operators.